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How To Change A Wheel

Tools Checklist

  • Spare wheel
  • Wheel brace
  • Gloves
  • Car jack


Check out the gear in your car: make sure that your spare tyre and tools are in good condition. Do not attempt to change the tyre if they're not. Make sure that your personal safety will not be compromised. Be seen: safety clothing (if you have any) and turn on your hazard lights.


Right, here's how to change your car tyre:

  1. Block the wheels on the side not being lifted. Make sure no one's inside. Apply handbrake and put the vehicle in park (if automatic) or in gear (if it's a manual).
  2. Take off the wheel cover.
  3. Loosen the wheel nuts with the wheel wrench while the vehicle is on the ground. If the nuts are too tight to loosen by hand, you may need to apply pressure to the wheel wrench with your foot. If you do need to stand on the wrench, ensure it is in the horizontal position for your own safety.
  4. Put the jack together and place it on firm ground, as flat as possible. Every car is different and you can do a bit of damage if you put this in the wrong location - it needs to go in the reinforced area of the sill (if it's a sill jack). The sill is the body section below the base of the door openings.
  5. Slowly raise the vehicle.
  6. Remove the nuts and remove the wheel, pulling towards you with both hands.
  7. Lift the new wheel. Read the manufacturer's instructions if using a space saver. These are a temporary tyre and are not meant to be driven long distances or at speeds over 80km/h.
  8. Replace the wheel nuts, making sure these go on the right way, taper towards the wheel. Tighten snugly.
  9. Lower the car, then tighten them properly - standing on the wrench handle with it in the horizontal position to give a light bounce, if you had to stand on it to loosen them. If you over-tighten the nuts you can warp the brake components, but not to tighten them enough is dangerous.
  10. Replace the wheel cover or hubcap.
  11. Take the wheel to a tyre shop for repair or replacement.


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